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Summer Camp Feedback


Piknik Theatre is a nonprofit, funded by grants, generous donors, sponsors, and our education department. We love to hear back from our parents about their experience with Piknik Theatre and the experiences of our students.


We like to share encounters/stories of community members interacting with Piknik Theatre programs and staff with donors and sponsors, to emphasize the importance of education theatre opportunities in Steamboat.


If you would like to share anything about that experience, feel free to write below. Here are some questions that might help as well. 

Did you feel that your student was positively impacted by their experience with Piknik Theatre? How?

Did your student undergo any visible positive transformations due to a Piknik Theatre program? 

Share a positive experience you had with a Piknik Theatre program. 

Was there a part of a specific program that you felt was especially beneficial?

Do you feel a part of the summer camp could evolve to be more impact in the future? How?

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Thank you so much for sharing!

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